Eternity ring solitaire ring

Enjoy the luxury of having

something made for you!

Get in touch with me, and lets talk about what will

make you look fabolous.

Stand out

Stay classical

Different rings

from my standard collection

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or come and have jewellery

custom made uniquely for you.

Prices for rings like these start at € 465

Stacking rings




Bespoke jewellery


Uniquely made for you



Engagement rings

Wedding bands



New designs made

of your old jewellery



Resizing, repairing




Rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, cuflinks etc

Carmen Ekvall Jewellery
a small company - by choice.
I design and make the pieces in my studio in Palma de Mallorca.

I am trained jeweller, gemmologist and diamondgrader, and I am from Denmark but have been more than five years in Mallorca.

What can I do for you?

I design and make jewellery based on your colours and style, combined with my experience. I use a lot of gemstones and different surfaces in the precious metal, to make your new piece of jewellery fit you the best. I want to make you stand out in a classy way.

You don't have to know what you want, I will guide you all the way.

I can help you with the most commun situation for women. Outfit Crisis!

Is your wardrobe full of good garments, but you still look for something new? You have favorite pieces but they are a bit to dark or dull? They look to much alike? You have worn them in that crowd already? 
You will be surprised to see how the right jewellery can solve that in the most stylish way. And I promise you will blend in AND stand out at the same time. Blend in because we just underline your perfect style. Stand out because the pieces will be made for you based on your colours and type and will underline your personality and best features. You will radiate of the best of you. That simple!

Will this be very expensive?

It can be - I make that too, but does not have to be. The look and the quality is more important than using a lot of expensive materials. I have effectful and classy pieces from 250 € and up.

I can help with the most commun situation for men when buying a gift for his woman. The "What-On-Earth-Does-She-Want" crisis!

I am trained in finding the right pieces without having met her. With just a little info from you. How do I do this? First secret is that I know women. The rest you don't need to know. But you will know we hit bullseye from her reaction.

Get in touch and surprise her with a piece she will love to have from you!

Calcedonia bracelet handmade clasp

Calcedony Bracelet with handmade clasp € 485

You loving the jewellery I make for you

is my goal.

Satisfied customers are my abosolute

best PR!

Handmade jewellery should underline your beauty, your colours, style and personality.

I believe this is the

eligibility of jewellery.

This is why I make custom made jewellery.

Goldrings with gem stones


Gold with coloured gemstones.
I make them on demand in your size and style

Prices start at € €465

Personal guidance is my speciality


Do you have jewellery that is not really your style? Do you ever wear it?


Bring all you have and I will give you a quote and a redesign.

- Keep the story, have it made into something you will use.

Handmade wedding bands

Wedding bands

Remade after 20 years of marriage, into what like now.

Individual designs and rare materials

equals unique solutions

Brown diamond ear studs

Ear studs

Heart collection

2 x 0,33 ct Madeira brown diamonds

€ 2.750


Boutique and studio in the old town of Palma de Mallorca.

Opening Hours

Tue-Fri:   11:00 - 18:00


Saturday: 11:00 - 14:00


Sun - Monday: CLOSED

Get in Touch


Carrer del Set Cantons, 3

07001 Palma de Mallorca. SPAIN

Email: mail@carmen-ekvall.com

Phone: +34 681 689 666

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