Master of the Flame

I am jeweller trained in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Besides that I am diamond grader and gemmologist from Deutsche Gemmologische Gesellschaft in Idar-Oberstein, Germany.

Endless passion for style, natural materials, shapes, colour combinations, different textures and surfaces. For craftmanship, design and refining processes. For woman our native need to express ourselves with adornment. It has all brought me to what I do today. It was always my wish to be a jeweller and work with the materials in this old trade.


I feel lucky I chose the right direction and have been in the business since 1989.

I started my company in Copenhagen in 2007 and moved it to Mallorca in 2014.

Womens jewellery is my biggest passion. Exclusive and stylish. Not nessecarily very expensive, but thorough in the sense that they must be comfortable to wear, fit perfectly, clasps being part of the design and not least fit the customer in style and colour.

I see her and what she wants to be as a woman, and I express that in jewellery I make for her.

Making customized jewellery must make sense in this competitive world. It does if they will make her radiate of her natural beauty and personality.  

This is what I do, and this is why I love my job!

My History With Gems

When I finished apprenticeship in Copenhagen in 1993 I could't imagine how I at that point would be able to guide my future customers on how to choose the right quality in diamonds and other gemstones. I had to learn more for when buying these materials from dealers and later selling them to my customer. 
So I went to Germany to study gemmology and diamondgrading. 
A completely new world opned to me. Gemmology is about knowing some physical properties like hardness and density, and deposits and extration methods. But it was also the entrance to a much bigger and very beautiful world of gemstones with all kinds of colours and expressions. That was so in line with what I later came to use for the custom made jewellery I now create. I just didn't know that when I arrived to study in the little humid, rainfull village Idar-Oberstein in Germany. I loved every minute of my stay there and created some long lasting and credible connections with some of the best stonedealers in Europe.
This was all in line with one of my early favorite childhood occupations, to sit with my fathers big coffetable books about gemstones of the world. I spent hours with a loupe pretending I was a jeweller dealing with this wonderful refined natural product. I just never get tired of it and now appreciate how the gems lead me to make a little difference in the life of my customers, when we select the right stones for them to what ever occasion they have to wear them.


Book appointment or come and see more in my boutique and studio in the old town of Palma de Mallorca.

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