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If buying jewellery is a unfamiliar event for you, choosing the right engagement ring for her may seem a bit overwhelming. 

There are so many things around this first step towards the marriage and you may feel a bit alone and on uncertain ground.
But I am here to guide you all the way through and I can with a pure heart say that I have a very good rate for engagenent rings that played the big role in her saying YES! (100% is good, right?)
I want the same happen for you, so we are on the same page here.
Come see me and I will guide you through it step by step.


Being a woman myself, I uderstand women and know how to uncover what they want through asking you few important details. Don't worry, you know her well enough to support me in this part.

Women are different, they want specific things this can be hard for the groom to detect alone. This is what I am trained in identifying and I don't start making the ring before I am sure we go for the right one..

Putting my heart and soul into my work making happy customers, you can count on me offering all my knowledge and experince in guiding you in your choice for the right egagement ring. We both want her to say YES!

I also like the idea of you being so happy with my service, that I will be your first choice, when it is time for the wedding bands.


First step is that you come to my shop or we talk oline. You can book appointment or pop in, as you prefer.

I ask you some basic questions to detect the style we go for.

We talk about different options and your budget.

I give you one or more specific ideas, an estimated delivery time (depending on when you decide) and a price.
You may decide right away or need time to think about it


When you have decided I will give you a specific delivery date and ask for a downpayment. I will the order the gold and the stones and start working on her ring. This process can take from few days to weeks, depending on the design and the materials involved.
You may want an ingraving, if so I will take it to my skilled hand engraver as the last part before the ring is ready to be put in a nice box and wait for you to pick it up.


On the day for the delivery you will come to the shop, see the finished ring and make the last payment. If you live abroad this is where you will make the last transfer and I will ship the ring with insurance on the date and to the adress that you ask me to.

Now the last part is yours and I will be waiting for your message telling how it went.

Besides the very tradtional rings that I also make, many of customers want something a bit less commun. 
Here you can see few examples of some of the engagement rings I have made recently. There are many more options. Get in touch and let's find out what would be the right ring for your proposal.

White gold ring, with yellow gold setting and a blue spinel. 
Bought for engagement.

                                     From € 1.385 

White gold ring a beautiful diamond.

Classical and modern. 
Bought for engagement.

                                     From € 2.185 

Gold ring, with setting made of hearts and a green tourmaline.
Clean lines and a bit of decoration. 
Bought for engagement.

                                     From € 1.385 


There are some requirements to an engagement ring that needs to be taken into consideration. Still this is an individual process andthe ring we choose to make for your future wife will be made for her, based on her style and the life she has.

In general I prefer gold (18 kt) or platinum for making engagement rings. This is because the gold or platinum is a lot stronger that silver, and because it doesn't oxidize. 
Most engagement rings has a centerstone and gold settings can hold the stone securely.
Besides when the engagement turns into a marriage, the goldring will be a better solution next to the wedding band for the same reasons. There are exeptions that we can discuss, of you consider silver.

In general it is beautiful and safe to choose diamonds, sapphires and rubies for engagement rings. These stones are hard and stong, they sparkel and have relevant connotations for commitments.

Depending on the daily life she has and her habits, we can choose other stones and colours. Get in touch and let's discuss the options


Book appointment or come and see more in my boutique and studio in the old town of Palma de Mallorca.

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