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Is the finest way to show your status, personality and style.

Be sure you wear the right ones on any occasion.

I see the woman and will create the jewellery that will make her radiate of her natural beauty and personality

A single selected piece can change your look. You don't need a new dress or scarf. 
Get this significant piece that will make you stand out in the most classy way.


While my jewellery designs are a blend of classical and modern I have chosen to elaborate in different directions within. I believe most of us have more facets that can be revealed at different times or at least that we must adapt to different functions and be dressed accordingly.

The directions are

  • De Luxe.
  • Casual.
  • Soft.
  • Chic.

Read more below to see what style or styles you are.


While I do love to make custom made jewellery I have created a collection to choose from as well. This is how you can see if you like my designs and choose a design from the existing collection or to have something custom made.
The lines in the collections are described briefly here below.


Is made for the woman who like quite classical design, but still want them custom made and of high quality and with finesse.

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Is for you who like to keep it simple and informla. Classical designs with the use of unusual colours or mix of silver and gold.

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Is for you who like a bit more romantic and dainty style. More decorations, softer colours like rose and a subtle use of symbols like hearts or flowers.

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Is made for you who like something outstanding. Audacious colour combinations. Extra-long ear drops or maybe even a bit artistic 

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Years of experience behind the counter has revealed that a lot of women are in doubt of what would actually be the best kind of jewellery for them.
Many mention the same kind of challenges or regret wearing the same clothing style but being torn because it feels confident and is practical.

I often hear: "I wear too many dark clothes all the time"

- Well, I have a solution for that one, depending on your colours and style!

Another common one is "I tend to buy different versions of the same thing every time I try to find something new"

- Well, don't worry about that either. I know how to change the look of what you have, and make you look like you wear something brand new!

I claim this and all the other related challenges can all be solved with the rightly chosen jewellery!
This is why I style with jewellery and this is what makes handmade and personal jewellery so relevant!

While a styling and a selected piece of jewellery for you can start at prices around 450 € there is no limit to how elaborated you can be styled with jewellery by me. 

You may need a photo for your LinkedIn profile and want to stand out this time.
You may need stylish but discrete pieces for work and more distinctive pieces for the dinner later, where you with few moves can change your style while being on the run from one to the other.

Or you may be looking for something special for a certain event or just want to have your jewellery box ungraded and updated.

To make the undecided motive easy I have made three Styling Packages. See more below




Whether you want a package or a custom styling fill out the form and book an appointment for a session in the shop in Palma de Mallorca or online.
The price is 95 € that will be deducted in the possible purchase and includes the jewellery styling for your according to your budget to the purpose you mention. You will be presented a description and some pictures of the result. At this stage, we can make changes before you decide to order the suggested jewellery.


Book appointment to have an online or an in house styling scheduled.

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