A present for her

I want to make the big challenge, of finding a personal gift for your woman, easy.

Women love to mix and match, so she will love this.

I have created a pair of gold earrings, that she can wear as they are or with fine pendants.

Easy to add on, easy to take off. You can choose the hoops with or without interchangeable pendants.

All jewellery comes beautifully wrapped.

Hoops in 18 kt gold with

faceted rosequartz pedant.

                                           € 555

Hoops in 18 kt gold with rutilated quartz pendants                                                                      € 555


Gold hoops with beautiful pendants.

18 karat gold and are beautiful alone, but more personal with interchangeable pendants fitting her style and colours. I will guide you to choose the right pendants.
I have many more options for pendants.


Gold with beautiful adornment.

18 karat gold. Handmade with a pendant that matches her style and clours.

Hoops in 18 kt gold with 3 sets of gemstones.

                                   € 345

Hoops in 18 kt gold with 1 set of gemstones.

                                   € 455

One of's

I only have one of each.

I remove them as I sell them and add new pieces as I finish them in the studio.


Gold hoops with diamonds and beautiful adornment.

18 karat gold. Handmade with one or three pairs of sparkling stones or pearls. This could be amethyst, tourmalines, garnets, citrine, pearls.

Hoops in 18 kt gold with 1 set of gemstones.

                                                                           € 1.165

Heart ear studs in 18 karat white gold with natural Madeira brown diamonds.

Can be made the same size with white diamonds.                                                                                             € 2.900 


Gold Heart ear studs with natural brown diamonds

18-carat white gold. Handmade with beautiful sparkling brown diamonds 2x0,33 ct.
There is a beautiful decoration of hearts on the side of the ear studs.
Certificate for insurance included in the price
Exchange guarantee.

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