Custom made jewellery

Custom made jewellery

Jewellery from my collection can be customized to you.

But maybe you want a unique piece designed only for you.
My focus is on really well made and comfortable design, excecuted in the precious materials of the trade. Silver, gold, platinum. diamonds and almost any other gemstone. Maybe you have a stone you want me to make a design for, if not we can start talking about different solutions from the good collection of gemstones I have.

Gold cuflinks with diamonds

Prize levels

It is not possible to give a price for an unknown job, but to give you an idea I can tell you:

Rings without stones normally start from €500 (ex metal)

Rings with stones normally start from €650 (ex metal and stones)

Bracelets normally start from €700 (ex metal)

Earrings normally start from €650 (ex metal and stones)


Book appointment or come and see more in my boutique and studio in the old town of Palma de Mallorca.

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