Meeting online or in-person

My customer can be the woman for whom the jewellery is for or someone who wants to give a very personal and precious gift.

I do not need to meet the woman in person to be able to guide about style.
We discuss the occasion for the piece, the occasion for wearing it, her personality and the budget.

I then present some ideas and designs and give a quote.

When both my customer and I are sure we have reached the good solution next step is that I want a downpayment and I am ready to order gold, silver and gemstones.

This is followed by me taking my time in the studio to create the piece up to the part where it is ready to be placed in a beautiful box and picked up.

For my customers who live abroad, I ship worldwide and with insurance.

Contact me for a seating and lets discuss your wishes,

Old to New

Do you have jewellery you never use?
Bring it all and lets talk about a redesign. You will finally use what you have.

Special orders

I have the capacity and experience to take special orders of different kinds. See more here.

Custom made

The purpose of custom made jewellery is a perfect fit. I take the time with you to measure and select the right solutions for you.

Care for your appearance

Jewellery is worn to enhance the beauty and show the status of the wearer. We as humans have always done this. It is a natural desire to embellish, enhance, or distinguish who we are, and to define cultural, and social status within our community. Adornments can be colourful or discrete, but either way, they are worn to attract attention. When we select the right pieces for you, you get the right kind of attention, according to the situation you are in when you wear it.

Personal guidance is my speciality

You don't have to know what you want or what is best to enhance your desired look. This is what I do, and I will guide you all the way until we reach the right look. This part is the base of the piece that is meant to be your favourite jewellery. 

Care for your next piece

When you have jewellery of quality made for you, it will follow you for the rest of your time and probably even make the best of heirlooms carrying the memory of you wearing this with pride.

Book appointment to have an online or an in house styling scheduled.

Opening Hours

By appointment only.

Send me an email, give me a call or book an appointment directly on my Facebook page.

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